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Areas Of Expertise

  • Personal Training
  • Corporate Health & Fitness
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Body Massage
  • Gym & Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Core Conditioning
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Foam Roller Training
  • Weight Management
  • Flexibility Mobility & Balance
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice
  • Martial Arts/Self Defence
  • Circuit Training
  • Special Populations
  • Pre/Post Pregnancy
  • Older Age Groups
  • Bride & Grooms
  • Intensive Packages

Corporate Fitness

Positive Energy Personal Training & Sports Therapy can bring maximum health and fitness to your business. In fact, we can make you a stronger company by helping your employees become healthier and happier people through vital fitness instruction and sports massage therapy.

Many people struggle to stay in shape, but personal trainers can make a world of difference by providing motivation for a long-term commitment to health and fitness programs. We design and implement customized workout programs for all skill levels and abilities - perfect for the diverse work environment! Our service can be a great addition to your corporate wellness program by providing your employees with the following:


  • Fitness programs designed to fit into the busy corporate lifestyle
  • Strength building for greater resistance to stress
  • Techniques designed to alleviate workplace tension.
  • Safe exercises that bring more energy to the body
  • Nutritional and lifestyle advice
  • Continued assessment of fitness development
  • Realistic and attainable health and fitness goals
  • Ways to identify stress signals and indicators


Work place health and fitness training

We come to you! Personal training at the workplace has become popular in many companies nationwide because of the low cost of implementation and the convenience of having a trainer come to you.

We work, motivate and encourage your employees to take responsibility for their own health and well being. When employers and employees collectively embrace the concept of improving health and wellness through exercise, not only does productivity and morale increase, but work-related injuries are reduced and employee turnover declines.

Our goal is to show your employees how to include exercise into a busy schedule, and put them on their way to becoming fit, productive, and healthy. Maintaining a healthy workforce always makes good business sense! 


The cost of stress

Stress-related injuries and conditions are increasing every day. Why? The average workweek is increasing from 40 to 50 hours or more. This means that the average employee is assuming more and more responsibilities and dealing with unprecedented challenges. All of this leads to an alarming amount of stress in their lives.

Positive Energy Personal Training & Sports Therapy specializes in increasing health and fitness levels, improving overall corporate wellness, and combating stress with our customized fitness programs. We design our programs to fit the fast-paced corporate lifestyle and to put your employees on track to feeling and looking better. 



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